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Welcome to Digiscan - Digital Pathology Slides & E-Modules

Instruction for access to the desired Set.

  1. Open the slides in Google Chrome only. If you are not using Google chrome, please down load it. 
  2. If you open the slides in any other browser, you may face difficulty in opening the link or the digital slides
  3.  Once you open the link given and feed in your user name and password and log in, a page will open. If you see Chinese Language, click on option English right upper corner of the screen to change the language. And then log in.
  4. A page will open. On the left side of the page a column will appear on which you will find “categorized Slides”
  5. Click on the plus (+)icon, you will find “Set Name”.
  6. You can now click on any subtitle and see the slides thumbnail and click on thumbnail and slide will open. After finishing the slides of one subtitle, you can go on the next subtitle.
  7. When the page with thumbnails opens, arrange the slides in order by name by clicking on the box “order by name” on the top row of the page.



  • Each Single user is advised to open the images on one system only (PC/LAPTOP/MOBILE, TABLET). If one tries to open the images from second system, access to the images will be immediately blocked without prior intimation   or without assigning any reason.
  • High speed internet connection is required.
  • Open the digital pathology slides in Google Chrome only.

Digiscan - Digital Pathology Slides & E-modules