Cervical Cytology

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The E-module on cervical cytology has been prepared keeping the requirement of pathology residents, cytotechnicians and practising pathologists in mind. The module is very rich in images and contains relevant theory and cytological findings. The module has 12 chapters. Last chapter contains quiz cases for self assessment. It is hoped that users will find the module useful for understanding the concepts and for reference images.

Digiscan is pleased to provide prestigious teaching module on Cervical Cytology to Pathology Residents and Practicing Pathologists.
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Cervical Cytology - eModule Chapters

  1. Chapter-1 Cervical Cytology
  2. Chapter-2 Benign Non Inflammatory Lesions
  3. Chapter-3 Infections
  4. Chapter-4 Precancerous Lesions
  5. Chapter-5 Carcinoma Cervix
  6. Chapter-6 Cervical Cancer: A Global Burden
  7. Chapter-7 Human Papiloma and Cervical Cancer
  8. Chapter-8 Diagnostic Modalities of Precancerous and Cancerous Lesions of Cervix.
  9. Chapter-9 Technique of Cervical Cytology
  10. Chapter-10 Liquid Based Cervical Cytology
  11. Chapter-11 Nomenclature of Precursor Lesions
  12. Chapter-12 Self Assesment
Cervical Cytology Cervical Cytology