Digiscan digital slides have superior features like high resolution & contrast, annotations, classical lesions, minimum…

Digital Slides- Why Subscribe from Digiscan ?

Digital Slides from Digiscan have many superior features as compare to digital slides from other sources.

  1. Slides are annotated. Annotation helps the teacher while using the slides in the class room. Annotation is a boon for self study by the students. Digiscan slides annotations give short presentation about the disease and description of histological features. Faculty also has the provision of annotating the slides while teaching.
  2. Content of digital slide sets is reviewed and updated periodically and up-gradation is available free to the users during their period of subscription.
  3. Access to digital slides from Digiscan is uninterruptedly available 24×7 due to technology management by skilled and dedicated professionals and elaborate system of back up .
  4. Top most priority is given to the problems if any faced by the users and problem is resolved   immediately Digital slides from Digiscan have excellent resolution. Nuclear and cytoplasmic details are very sharp.
  5. Digiscan has a policy of personal touch while digitizing the slides for best scanning results. Each slide is personally viewed in detail to look foe scanning short comings and corrected . Result is a perfect slide.
  6.  Digiscan does not compromise on the quality therefore does not of for rapid or ultra rapid scanning modes. End result is that digital slides from Digiscan are much superior to any other slides in details resolution and contrast.
  7. Software used by Digiscan is user friendly and slides can be opened and navigated very easily.
  8. Slides on the server open very fast and the lag period is minimum.
  9. Digital Slides have been prepared from classical lesions for under graduate teaching while for residents variants of disease and uncommon & rare lesions have been included in the sets to give residents maximum exposure to enhance their diagnostics skills.
  10. Digiscan digital slides can be rotated by any angle by the user to orient the tissue in proper direction
  11. Digiscan digital slide give the user freedom to enhance or balance the colors, brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness. This unique feature is not available in other sites.