View history & digital slides of cases of slide seminar cases  presented at Delhi chapter IAPM, UCMS,25th April,2015

We have taken a new unique initiative with the help of Digiscan co. for the first time in the history of Delhi Chapter IAPM to present slide seminar cases on line for the convenience of all the members of Delhi IAPM. Viewers can see case histories and digital whole slide images of the cases simultaneously on the same page.
Diagnosis of the cases was not given initially as the cases were to be discussed on 25th April during the meeting.
After the diagnosis was discussed in the conference, same has been uploaded in the link for the benefit of participants of the meeting as well as other members who could not participate for any reason.

Case Histories-

A 6 year old boy presented with four subcutaneous right side cervical nodules varying in size from 2-4 cm. he also had a large pigmented right sided scalp patch. Biopsy taken from one of the nodules.
A 62 year old man wit right scrotal mass for eight months.
34 year female with right flank mass.
A 22 year old lady presenting with perforation peritonitis
A 32 year old lady with abdominal distension for one year. On CECT a large solid 23×22 cm mass with cystic changes in the abdomen.

Final Diagnosis:
Case 1-  Neurocystic hamartoma
Case 2- Sertoli cell tumor with malignant potential
Case 3- Translocation Xp11.2 -Papllary renal cell carcinoma
Case 4 -  Microsporidiosis of the intestine.
Case 5-  Adenomyomatosis of peritoneum with epidermoid cyst.

View history & digital slides of cases presented at Delhi chapter IAPM, UCMS . You can view digital slides of the slide seminar cases Click here

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