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PCS Case - 1

pcs cases
pcs cases 75 Year, Male presented with swelling in the right parotid region of 6 months duration. The swelling was about 5A—4 cm in size and firm to hard in consistency.Patient gave past history of resection of grade I-II transitional cell carcinoma, urinary bladder two years back. Aspiration was carried out from parotid swelling. Very large anaplastic cells were present in the aspirate. Diagnosis of malignant parotid tumor was given on FNAC.Resection of the tumor was carried out and specimen was received. Gross examination revealed mass 6x4x3 cm in size, soft to firm in consistency and reddish in colour. Cut surface should indistinct grayish white nodules of variable size coalescing at places. Microscopy: Microscopic examination revealed malignant tumor involving parotid gland. Malignant cells were arranged around empty spaces cells were epithelioid in nature and projected into the lumina in some areas. Some cells should intracytoplasmic lumina. Some cells showed bizarre nuclei.Mitotic A­ activity was high. Tumour necrosis was present.Provisional Diagnosis of Angiosarcoma was made and parotid carcinoma, unclassifiable was kept in the differential diagnosis. Immunohistochemistry for CD31 and pancytokeratin was carried out
  pcs cases
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