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Histopathology of Precancerous Lesions

Histopathology of Precancerous Lesions

Histological features that are used to establish diagnosis of precancerous lesions are cellular differentiation and maturation, organization, polarity, nuclear abnormalities and mitotic activity.7,8,26
In normal epithelium, squamous cells are arranged in well defined layers of basal, parabasal, intermediate \ and superficial cells with increasing cytoplasm and a more organised arrangement towards the surface as cells mature. These features are disturbed in CIN and cells lack differentiation with retention of features of parabasal cells, lack organization and polarity as cells in upper layers do not remain parallel to the surface,

Exfoliative cytology

Exfoliative cytology (Fig. 9.1)

Cytology is the vital link between clinician and patient. Cytology indicates abnormality of cells which may be further investigated by the clinician and treated if required. Therefore cytology report should be as accurate as.possible and should indicate the type-and degree of abnormality clearly to enable the clinician to decide proper management. Vague descriptions and “negative” reports should be avoided as these do not assist the clinician in management and erode the confidence in cytology. Specimen adequacy Correct cytological report depends on adequacy of the specimen. Four elements constituting

DVD of Digital WSI (Whole Slide Image)

DVD of Digital WSI (Whole Slide Image)/ Online Access Digital (WSI) Images on the Web Server of the slides to be offered to the Patients and Global Reporting Pathologist.

Technological advances are making rapid strides in every aspect of health care and medical diagnostics. Today with the easy access to internet across the globe,

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