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Digital Cytopathology Slide Sets

Digiscan has recently launched Digital Cytopathology Slide Sets for training of DNB & MD Pathology post-graduate students and pathology residents. This set consists of slides 

Digiscan has launched a very ambitious On Line Dermatopathology Lecture Series

Digiscan has launched a very ambitious On Line Dermatopathology Lecture Series project in collaboration with Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists and financially supported by MSD.
In this lectures series eminent, distinguished speakers and faculty of highly acclaimed institutions of the country will be giving lectures on

CYTOLOGY-Specimen Adequacy

Satisfactory for evaluation

Cervicovaginal smear should be representative of epithelia of ectocervix, endocervix and should include transformation zone as aim of cervical smear examination is detection of abnormal cells which generally arise in the transformation zone. Therefore, ideally the smear should contain squamous cells, metaplastic cells (TZ) and/ or endocervical cells, and should not be obscured by the presence of blood/ inflammation, etc. However,

Cytology-Other non- neoplastic findings

mistaken for lactobacilli which cause cytolysis of intermediate cells and may adhere to the surface of cells.Lactobacilli form the normal flora of vagina and are increased in pregnancy and postmenopausal women (Fig. 16.20). In bacterial vaginosis, there is a change of bacterial flora from lactobacilli to mixed organisms.Smears show dirty background due to organisms and presence of clue cells.


Epithelial Cell Abnormalities, Glandular

TBS 1988 used the term “atypical glandular cells of undetermined significance” (AGUS) to describe “cells showing either endometrial or endocervical differentiation displaying nuclear atypia that exceeds obvious reactive or reparative changes but lack unequivocal features of invasive adenocarcinoma.” The terms such as “favor reactive” and” favor neoplastic”

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