Aid To AI Diagnostics

Digiscan – Leader in Digital Pathology aids AI companies in procurement of large database of cancers and non-cancerous lesions as high resolution digital slides for development of AI diagnostics and computational pathology.
We have large database of breast cancers, prostatic cancers, cervical cytology smears (both normal and malignant), lymphnode metastasis, oral cancers in the form of high resolution digital whole slide images. In case any one has different requirement of cases/material we provide that also subject to availability
India has a vast population and large number of patients suffering from cancer and is a big market for AI companies. Indian oncologists are highly competent and are ready to adopt machine based diagnostic tools for treatment of their patients. Inclusion of Indian database in their logarithms helps the companies to predict correct figures for Indian populations. It is in this field, Digiscan – Leader in Digital Pathology helps AI companies by providing digital pathology database.
We also have large database of Radiology images and endoscopic images for companies involved with AI Diagnostics. We can also provide wax blocks ifrequired.
For those AI companies which have their own pathological material but do not have scanning facility, Digiscan provides slide scanning services at most reasonable and competitive rates.