Digital Slide set for Oral Pathology Residents

Oral Pathology Residents

Digital Slide set for Oral Pathology Residents is highly useful for training of oral pathology residents due to excellent collection of Oral pathology slides. This set has various sections important being salivary gland lesions and tumors, benign and malignant tumors of oral cavity, premalignant lesions, caries and its sequelae  and regressive lesions of teeth, all demonstrated by decalcified sections of teeth, tooth Germ development and ground sections of teeth for recapitulation and last of all Aspiration cytology of salivary gland. This set is very helpful in sharpening diagnostic skills of residents as the slides have brief description of features of the lesion and also have been labeled to indicate the important features.

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Breast Pathology Digital slide set

Breast Pathology Digital slide set prepared by DIGISCAN contains many exciting uncommon and rare lesions like Metaplastic Carcinoma, Papillary Carcinoma with Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Mucinous Carcinoma, Mammary Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, Secretory Carcinoma, Primary Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Apocrine Carcinoma, Papillary Carcinoma with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma and many other interesting lesions.

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Digiscan Slide Assortment: Digiscan has a implausible assortment of instructing slides of histology, pathology, oral histology and oral pathology for medical and dental college students. Over 1500 prime quality glass slides have been scanned over the previous two years and slide units have been ready. Top quality glass slides are key power of digital slides and Digiscan is proud to have entry to good top quality slides For Scanning.

    • Total slide assortment obtainable as Digital slide units which could be seen anyplace within the school the place the school and college students can use a pc.
    • Digiscan Digital slide units have very good decision and top quality.
    • Digiscan Histology Slides are ready from regular human tissues.

Helpful for instructing programs in Human Construction, Perform, Molecular biology, Genetics and Cell Biology.

    • Digiscan Pathology Slides cowl all of the programs and organs.

Helpful for instructing Foundation of Illness course to medical and dental college students and different science college students.

  • Digiscan slide assortment of Floor sections of tooth is excellent and wonderful for educating tooth anatomy to the dental college students.
  • Digiscan slide assortment of Tooth Germ Improvement is extremely prestigious and beneficial for studying embryology of tooth and understanding of odontogenic tumours.
  • Digiscan slide assortment of Oral Histology and Decalcified Sections of tooth is priceless and vital to grasp tooth anatomy, Dental caries and associated ailments.
  • Digiscan assortment of oral pathology slides has many unusual lesions extremely helpful for coaching of oral pathology residents and superb lesions for educating dental college students.
  • Digiscan offers the facility of digitizing the slides for establishment and laboratories which would not have digital microscopy.
  • Digiscan slides are annotated and key areas have been labeled. Temporary description of the lesion has been supplied. Annotated digital slides present distinct benefit over glass slides and are extremely helpful and a to the scholars and a boon for self research. Digiscan server is out there 24×7 and has sturdy again up.
  • Digiscan slide units present scholar freedom of the time and house for self research. No have to go to classroom. Can sit in hostel or residence to browse the slides.
  • Digiscan is underneath course of so as to add new slides of Gynae smears, aspiration cytology, hematology, microbiology and immuhistochemistry slides to the already huge assortment of slides.


  1. Time has come to say good bye to the bins of light and damaged glass slides, handed down from one era of scholars to the following.
  2. No extra half blind previous monocular microscopes at school rooms. Solely PCs or laptops.
  3. Gone are the times of rickety microscopes. E-Slides could be considered and mentioned by the medical college students and the school on 23” or giant display displays.
  4. Wall sized displays getting used to elucidate anatomy and pathology slides within the class rooms by the lecturers with interactive discussions by the scholars.
  5. Instructing and studying a pleasure by utilizing digital microscope which is digital complete slides considered on a pc display screen.
  6. Digital slide annotation relieves the ache of explaining every cell to the coed below the microscope.
  7. Digital microscope is bringing a revolution in self studying the world over.
  8. Digital microscopy is person pleasant. Manipulation of the slide is easy and straightforward.
  9. Digital microscope replicates fully the expertise of working with a bodily microscope. It isn’t a substitute however an development for educating and studying in medical & dental schooling.
  10. Digital microscopy brings consistency in educating for the reason that similar slide is seen by each pupil.
  11. Solely method ahead for medical educating is to make use of digital slides as acquiring good high quality glass slides is more and more tough.
  12. Only one new glass slide is enough for all times lengthy educating of thousands and thousands of
  13. No trouble of breaking, cracking, fading, thumb prints or deterioration of the slide on storage.


Areas of smear are to be examined and sometimes multiple smears are prepared. Examination is time consuming and tiring which may lead to missing of abnormal cells due to fatigue. Liquid-based cytology has the advantages of reduction in the smear screening time, uniform spread of cells (Fig. 16.6), with reported increase in detection of HSIL in LBC smears as compared to conventional Pap smears, and the facility of conducting ancillary studies on the same sample. However, some pathologists feel there may be interpretation errors due to alteration in cellular cytology caused by suspension of cells in the liquid medium; absence of intercellular relationship and absence of mucus deprives the screener with vital clues for interpretation. Moreover, it is expensive as compared to conventional Pap smear and preparation of smears is more time consuming.


The glass slide/specimen vial must be labeled with patient’s name and identification no. and packaged carefully to prevent breakage or leakage and transported to the laboratory for processing. All specimens should be submitted to the laboratory accompanied with completed laboratory requisition forms. Laboratory requisition form should include the following clinical details written clearly or typed
•Patient’s Name, Age, Address, Identification No., Telephone No.
•Date of procedure, referring Doctor with contact details
•Source and site of origin of specimen with identifying symbols
•Method of collection
•Clinical symptoms and signs
•Date of Last Menstrual Period
•Special situations-pregnancy, postmenopausal, oral contraceptive/ other hormonal use
•Provisional clinical diagnosis
•Prior abnormal cytology/histology report
•Prior treatment if any.

Causes for rejection of specimen or limited reports:
•Incomplete and/ or improper labeling
•Insufficient pertinent clinical history
•Specimen not fixed on slide immediately
•Obscuring inflammation, debris, or excessive air drying
•A broken slide will be rejected and discarded as a biohazard.


In general, all repeats should not be performed within 6-8 weeks. It is because the scraped surface may not have re-epithelialized and the chance of a false negative result is increased. If colposcopic investigation is performed within this period upon a report of possible or definite abnormality, a concurrent cytology sample is not recommended.



Normal Findings

Basal Cells
Basal cells are small (10 u) in size and possess blue cytoplasm. Nuclei are large about 8 u in size. N:C ratio is high. Basal cells generally do not shed, but may be seen in smears obtained from vigorous endocervical brushing and present as sheets of small endocervical cells with uniform dense nuclei. Basal cell hyperplasia may occur in early metaplasia

Parabasal Cells
Parabasal cells are round cells, 10-15 u in size and show cyanophilic cytoplasm (Fig. 16.7), with centrally located vesicular nuclei. Cytoplasm is more abundant than basal cells.

Intermediate Cells
Intermediate cells are large (15-40 u), polyhedral in shape, and possess abundant cytoplasm and central vesicular nuclei. Cytoplasm is amphophilic to light basophilic in col or (Fig. 16.8).

Navicular Cells
Navicular cells are a variant of intermediate cells. Cells become oval or boat-shaped and show folding of cytoplasm (Fig. 16.9). Glycogen deposits stain yellow. These are seen is pregnancy and early menopause,however, are not diagnostic of pregnancy. Thus it is importance to mention the age of the woman and clinical history of amenorrhoea, if present.

Superficial Cells
Superficial cells are large (40-60 u), polyhedral cells with abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm and small dense pyknotic nuclei, with small perinuclear halo in many cells (Fig. 16.10). In abnormal conditions, these cells are keratinized and are seen as anucleate, polygonal, pink, transparent cells.


Why digital slides are standard in slide seminars?

Digital slides have many benefits over glass slides for conducting slide seminars which make them widespread choice as in comparison with glass slides.

1.Speaker on the seminar has to arrange a number of sections of the slides for demonstration beneath the microscope. That is time consuming ,technically demanding and never possible in lots of circumstances the place tissue block just isn’t obtainable. Digital slides simply wants one slides for preparation and that’s typically the digital slides on which ultimate analysis was made.

2. In circumstances of endoscopic biopsies and core biopsies,making further sections for demonstration is probably not potential. In such conditions ,digital slides are the one device to show the small biopsy interpretation to the residents.
three. In instances the place IHC was essential to arrive on the prognosis,it’s not attainable to take IHC slides for demonstration, Digital slides develop into a boon for making analysis by the individuals of the seminar four.

Individuals don’t get adequate time to view the slides stored for microscopy as usually microscopy classes are held for half a day to 1 day and members are too many.-Digital slides will be uploaded on the server and hyperlink despatched to the individuals eight-10 days earlier than the slide seminar. Contributors get ample time to view the slides and skim concerning the potential analysis. Seminars grow to be extra attention-grabbing and interactive and academically extra rewarding.

Digital slide is an entire slide picture ready by scanning beneath the scanning microscope. . Digiscan, an organization devoted to offer on line materials for e-studying has huge materials in pathology, histology, oral pathologyoral histology within the type of digital slides units obtainable on line on subscription.


Invited as faculty for slide discussion and presented “Granulomatous lesions” using digital slides and gave presentation on “Virtual Microscopy” during International Dermatopathology Conference organized by Dermatopathology Society of India and International society of Dermatopathology held at Father Muller College of Medical Sciences, Mangalore, Karnataka on 31st Aug,-2nd September, 2012.