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Franco Pertusso

DIGISCAN supplied B.D.S. digital slide set to a University in Uruguay in May 2019. Here is their response –

“We have received very positive comments from the Faculty. They told us that they haven’t used it much yet but, up to the moment, they can see that it’s a very useful and professional tool.”

Franco Pertusso
Biblioteca Mayor “P. Manuel Gutiérrez Semprún SJ”
Sistema de Bibliotecas
Universidad Católica del Uruguay
Av. 8 de Octubre 2738
Montevideo, Uruguay


Dr Pooja Rao, Head of R&D, Qure.ai (www.qure.ai)

When we were looking for a help with whole-slide imaging in India, Digiscan was able to provide us with slide scanning facilities. The quality of whole slide images received was excellent, and will be very useful in our research. We were also impressed with the level of service provided by the Digiscan team – prompt, reliable and quick to help us with any queries. We will definitely use their slide scanning service again.


Dr. Sandipan Dhar, MBBS, MD, DNB

The Webpage created by DIGISCAN for Dermacon – 2017.
At the very outset I take this opportunity to profusely and sincerely thank Madam Dr. M. Chandra for the wonderful job she and her team have done for us ! We really appreciate her sincere work !.

Professor & Head, Dept. of Pediatric Dermatology
Institute of Child Health, Kolkata, India
President, Indian Society for Pediatric Dermatology (www.peddermindia.org)
Editor – Indian Journal of Paediatric Dermatology (www.ijpd.in)
Editor Emeritus – Indian Journal of Dermatology (www.e-ijd.org)
Scientific Chairman – DERMACON 2017, Kolkata (sc@dermacon2017kolkata.com)


Dr. Rajalakshmi Tirumalae,DSI Executive

Thank you so much, ma’am! I am  both honoured and humbled. You have been a terrific support for us, with your beautifully scanned images, which won everyone’s hearts!!

Additional Professor of Pathology,
St. John’s Medical College,
Bangalore-560 034. India


Dr Pooja Rao, Head of R&D, Qure.ai (www.qure.ai)

I have seen some sample whole slide images provided on their website free of cost. The quality is excellent and I liked them very much. I am sure that these will be very helpful for teachers in their routine teaching and for the students for self learning. Viewing of glass slides in most of dental and medical colleges is offered to students for a limited time during practical classes. Glass slides and microscopes often are not of good quality. WSI is a novel concept of teaching, it gives flexibility to students to learn histopathology at their own pace at the time of their own choice for unlimited period in their laptops.


Dr. Suhani, II year, MBBS Subharti Medical College Meerut , U.P

I, Suhani, am a 2nd year student of Subharti Medical college. I subscribed the Histology set of Digiscan. I found the Digital Slides to be very helpful. Best was that I could sit in my hostel room and go through the slides to revise my histology. Slides were labelled . So I had no problem understanding the slides. I thank Digiscan for making Histology so simple and help me in clearing my exam.


Dr. Neeta Kumar, M.D. (AIIMS)

Fellow of International Medical Sciences Academy Currently Associate Professor , Department Of General Pathology Faculty of Dentistry, Jamia Millia Islamia Formerly Associate Professor, Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya Visiting Professor, University Hospital Geneva Consultant, Cancer Control Specialist, WHO HQs , Geneva Professor, Department of Pathology, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi


Dr. Medhat Alshazly, Executive Director Ashnan – Medical Est. Saudi Arabia

I am delighted to see the digital slide sets of Histology, Pathology,Oral Pathology and Oral Histology prepared by Digiscan. They have used the latest innovative technology of virtual microscopy to prepare digital slides which are wonderful. Digital images are very sharp with high resolution and clarity and what is remarkable they can be enlarged to various magnifications on the computer screen. In fact you do not really need microscopes in the class room to teach these subjects. For teaching of Histology and Pathology and Oral Histology & oral Pathology,all medical schools and dental colleges should have these sets.Another good thing about these sets is that these can be procured by the students also for self learning as the price of slide sets is nominal and affordable. I congratulate Digiscan for bringing new technology to India for improving dental education and for empowering students for self learning of the subjects.Many colleges in Saudi Arabia are interested in subscribing digital slides as they are extremely good for teaching as well as self learning.


Dr. Krishna Garg, M.S., Ph.D, FIMSA

I complement M/S Digiscan for taking initiative for spreading e-medical education in the country. As an anatomist. I know how difficult it is to get good glass slides of human tissues for teaching the students. I have gone through the sets of digital slides prepared by Digiscan. I am highly impressed by the quality of digital slides of histology of human tissues they have in their sets. I have used their set for teaching and find them extremely useful. I appeal to all the medical teachers to use the digital slide sets prepared by Digisan for teaching the students and improve the quality of teaching. I wish success to Digiscan in their noble venture for e-medical and dental education.

Former Professor and Head, Department of anatomy Lady Harding Medical College, New Delhi


Praful Pandey, Final Year Student Maulana Azad Medical College New Delhi

I am must thank Digiscan for making learning of pathology so simple. I revised all my pathology slides in my room. I am telling all the friends to subscribe to their slides to make pathology learning easier.


Dr. Lata Kini, Director Lab Services Core Diagnostics Gurgaon

Wish you a very happy new year. It has been a quarter year of association with Digiscan already ! For us at Core DIagnostics , Digiscan has definitely been a great help in many ways. It has helped in implementing our unique offer of dual (across the world pathologists) signature reports on all histopathology tests , that much easier. Your timely communication on each and every slide whether it is to do with the tissue/slide quality or size of the section has reinforced our efforts in providing best possible images so that our colleagues in the USA can make most accurate diagnoses. The quality of scanned images are quite true to the concept of “virtual microscope”and I am glad that you have agreed to scan certain cases like lymphomas at higher magnification as requested by us. We appreciate that you have made it systematic and user friendly by giving us a separate folder , that allows easy and quick access to our cases. A smooth process has now fallen into place and the time lag between our sending the slide and it getting scanned , has considerably reduced. We would like to request that if possible the slides are scanned the same night, it would help in giving the patients a better turn around time. Hope that our collaboration continues and grows in ways that are mutually beneficial. Thank you and Best Wishes from the Core Diagnostics team Sincerely,


Dr.Jyothi S.Prabhu, Nadathur Lab for Breast Cancer Research

Dear Dr. Mithilesh Chandra,
Thanks for scanning our next batch of slides. I went through some of them today with the Aperio image viewing software provided. I like this software much better then the Motic viewer which was also user friendly. I was very happy with the image quality and the additional benefit of small screen at higher magnification provided by Aperio for better viewing. I am yet to explore additional features embedded within this system, which am sure will further make it a enjoyable experience to view slides for a pathologist. Very glad to have such services provided at affordable costs. Thanks again for all your efforts.
We are now preparing another set of slides, may be able to send them next month.

Division of Molecular Medicine,
St.John’s Research Institute,
Opp. BDA Complex,
Koromangala 100ft road,Bangalore-560034


Dr. Suganthy J. Professor and Head

Department of Anatomy
Christian Medical College
Vellore – 632002, Tamil Nadu, S. India


Dr. Deepak Vinod Francis, Associate Professor

Department of Anatomy
Christian Medical College,
Vellore – 632002, Tamil Nadu, S. India