We have facility of subscribing Digital Slide Sets for 3, 6 and 9 months also.

Facility for Multiple users/Institutional subscription is also available.

To avail of these special facilities, please contact on email digiscanvm@gmail.com

To help MD Pathology residents and MDS Oral pathology residents in testing their own diagnostic skills before appearing in the final practical exams, Digiscan has prepared a set of quiz cases which is a collection of digital slides of Pathology cases and Oral Pathology cases which examiners usually bring during examination.

This set consists of two parts. In first part slides are presented with clinical history. After resident has gone through the slide and made a tentative diagnosis, he/she can go to part two of the set to know the final diagnosis.

Going through the full Histopathology Slide Set and full Oral Pathology slide set prepared by Digiscan for self learning helps the residents in sharpening their diagnostic skills as more than 2000 slides in MD pathology slide set and more than 500 Slides in MDS Oral pathology residents with annotations are included in the set.

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