Digiscan is a unique company which is determined to bring revolution in the country for medical and dental education by the promotion of e-learning by medical and dental graduates and posts graduates. To fulfill its commitment, Digiscan has undertaken following steps which help the pathology residents and young practicing pathologists in online learning.

Pathology and Oral Pathology Digital Slide Sets:

  1. Creation of a vast library of digital pathology slides for online teaching and self-learning of pathology by undergraduate medical students, postgraduate pathology residents and young pathologists. Digital slide sets have been prepared for MBBS students of classical pathology lesions used for pathology teaching by the medical teachers.
  2.  Digital slide sets are extremely helpful for histopathology self-learning by the pathology residents as many medical colleges have a shortage of pathology material required for postgraduate training. Digital slide sets have been prepared for every organ system of systemic pathology using more than 1100 digital slides. To enhance the understanding of the lesion and its epidemiology and pathophysiology, digital slides have been painstakingly annotated. Digital pathology slide sets are available online on nominal subscription.
  3. Similar teaching sets for undergraduate teaching of BDS students in dental colleges have been prepared. The highlight of these sets is an inclusion of ground sections and stages of tooth germ development in addition to the decalcified sections of teeth for teaching dental anatomy. There is a paucity of good teaching material in many dental colleges and effort has been made to fill that void.
  4. Oral pathology residents face the problem of adequate learning material in many dental colleges. Sets of online digital oral pathology slides of all the categories of lesions have been prepared and annotated to help self-learning.

These sets are in great demand and are being provided at nominal subscription.

FREE online Webinars in Dermatopathology

Another important milestone in the journey of Digiscan towards promotion of e-learning has been the preparation of FREE online webinars/videos in Dermatopathology in collaboration with Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists, and Leprologists. These webinars have been taken by many eminent dermatopathologists of the country. At present, there are seven webinars available online Free. It is proposed to have a minimum of 20 such webinars covering all important and intriguing topics in dermatopathology. These webinars will be highly educative for residents in pathology and dermatology alike.

Link for webinars :

Conducting Slide Seminars in Pathology & Scientific Presentations

Digital slides are a great tool for conducting slide seminars as there is no need of preparing glass slides for viewing in the microscope. Digital images of the cases are uploaded on the server and participants can view the images before the final discussion of the cases. This way the presenter can also discuss a rare case for which only a slide is available or where tissue is not sufficient for multiple sectioning. Many eminent pathologists are using digital slides for conducting slide seminars and scientific presentations in the country for past two years. Digital images give the freedom of showing different areas under different magnifications. This gives transparency in presentation as there is no bias in area selection by the presenter. Digiscan is providing facility for scanning slides for scientific presentations for those who do not have slide scanners.

Digiscan has presented many online webinars in collaboration with Professor Sanjay Bedi, Ambala, covering mainly Female Genital Tract, Male Genital Tract, Liver Pathology, Hematology and others.

Digiscan has prepared in E-Module on Cervical Cytology which is very comprehensive with current theory and large number of images both of conventional pap smear and liquid based pap smears (LBC).

Now, Digiscan has started YouTube channel “DigiPath Tutorials” for free viewing by the users. This channel is fast becoming popular due to its high quality content of Quiz cases, Interesting cases, Lectures and Webinars.

Link for DigiPath Tutorials :

Online Pathology Tutorials

Digiscan has collaborated with eminent professor of pathology Dr Sanjay Bedi, renowned teacher known as Father of E-learning in India. Dr. Sanjay is conducting Online Pathology Tutorials on various topics of pathology using digital slides prepared by Digiscan and teaching material from various resources and webinars. These tutorials are becoming very popular among postgraduate students and practicing pathologists as they provide an opportunity to learn the subject in depth and help in using good practices of reporting as per the international formats. Many topics have been already covered and many are in pipeline for coming months.

Creation of Departmental Digital Slide Libraries for Postgraduate training

Digital slides are soon going to be mode for storage of pathology cases instead of glass slides as these have distinct advantage of occupying no physical storage space. Another advantage is that the quality of slides does not deteriorate upon storage and slides are non-breakable. Retrieval of the cases is very easy as the storage data is computerized. Digiscan is providing facility of scanning the slides for those who do not possess slide scanner.

E-Module on Cervical Cytology

Digiscan has prepared a highly informative teaching online e-module on cervical cytology with latest theoretical concepts and rich in images. Many whole slide images or digital slides have been added in the module to give concept of digital pathology to the reader. Module has 12 chapters and the last chapter is designed for self assessment.