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From Glass slides to High Resolution Digital Slides at highly competitive price.

Digiscan – Leader in Digital pathology provides best slide scanning facility in india at affordable prices.

Results of the scanning of glass slides are extremely good and  provide high resolution digital slides. Slide Scanning is carried out under magnifications of 20x,  40x & 100x oil immersion as per requirement  using high resolution objectives to provide high clarity digital slides.

Customers for slide scanning include medical professionals, scientists working in AI diagnostics and research workers.

More and more professionals are opting for slide scanning for purpose of teaching, research, presentation of pathology material in conferences, seminars, symposia, web seminars and web lectures , for conducting EQAS, for creation of departmental digital slide libraries for training of residents and for maintenance of permanent digital slide records of patients since retrieval of the digital slides is easier as compare to retrieval of glass slide.

Patients seeking online second opinion on their slides form major beneficiaries of slide scanning services as they do not have to transport the slides to the consultant pathologist and receive online reports in a matter of hours to 1-2 days depending on the urgency of the case. So that appropriate treatment can be started in time.

Digiscan – Leader in Digital pathology ensures excellence in healthcare and enrichment of medical education.

Procedure for slide scanning is simple. Glass slides converted to digital slides are delivered either in external hard disk or uploaded on the server as per requirement of the client.

Scanning of H&E, IHC, Cytology, Hematology, TMA slides is carried out. However cytology, hematology and TMA slides take much longer time in scanning and need more GB space for storage.

Hosting of Digital slideson web server
Normally scanned whole slide images are given in either a pen drive or external hard disk to the consumer, facility of hosting the slides on the web server is also available. This facility is generally required for sending the images too far off locations for the second opinion on the slides.

The still bigger application is online teaching of the global student community and conducting webinars and online lectures. Online digital images is the perfect tool for self-study of pathology by the medical & dental students & residents.