Slide Scanning Services
Slide scanning Services provided by Digiscan is very popular among medical institutions and private laboratories. Results of the slide scanning of glass slides are extremely good and  provide high resolution digital whole slide images. Slide Scanning is carried out under magnifications of HNA20x, HNA40x & 100x as per the requirement for purpose of teaching, research, presentation of pathology material in conferences, seminars, symposia, web seminars and web lectures , for conducting EQAS of pathology & cytology, for creation of departmental digital slide libraries for training of residents and for maintenance of digital slide records of patients as digital slides which require no physical space for storage.

Patients seeking online second opinion on their slides form major beneficiaries of this scanning facility as they do not have to transport the slides to the consulting pathologist and receive online reports in a matter of hours to 1-2 days depending on the urgency of the case.

Digiscan is providing Slide Scanning Services to the users and hosting the e-images on the web server. This facility is being used by institutions and pathologists for various applications ranging from the presentation of their lectures in conferences, for conducting slide seminars, for digitizing their personal slide collections and for creating departmental digital slide libraries, medical education, and research.


Pathologists, oncologists, and patients are using this service for seeking expert consultation or a second opinion from eminent pathologists in India and Abroad. Services of Digiscan for obtaining the second opinion from global leaders in pathology is being used extensively by Pathology Consultancy Services, a specialized surgical pathology lab and a partner of Digiscan.
Many other labs are also joining hands with Digiscan and Pathology Consultancy Services to seek the second opinion from world leaders in pathology. Hosting of virtual slides is done on the Digiscan server and slides are viewed on the browser by the concerned pathologists and they can send their opinion in shortest possible time.

Slides can be viewed by multiple experts at the same time and multiple opinions can be obtained. This modality of sending digital/virtual slides instead of glass slides by surface mail results in a tremendous saving of time which is very precious. Appropriate treatment can be started by the treating doctor without loss of time. This service by Digiscan promotes the concept of sharing of resources for bringing excellence in health care and enrichment of medical education.

Digiscan is the unique company focused on facilitation of e-teaching and e-learning of medical, dental & paramedical sciences. Our key specialization is to provide teaching material in the form of digital slide sets of digital whole slide images of slides of Histology, Pathology, Oral Histology and Oral Pathology. The digital slides have been painstakingly annotated/ labeled with details about epidemiology, clinical presentation, histological features, differential diagnosis and clinical outcome of the pathological lesions included in the sets for the ease of understanding by the students, residents and practitioners and self study.

Digital slides sets have been prepared using such annotated slides. More than 500 digital slides constitute the sets of Oral Histology & Oral Pathology and more than 1500 digital slides of organs and systems constitute sets of systemic pathology. These slide sets are very popular among residents of pathology and oral pathology for self study.

More digital slide sets of microbiology, parasitology, cytology, hematology, cell biology are under preparation. Details of these slide sets have been provided in the website under the head of “ Digital Slide Sets “.

Hosting of Digital slideson web server
Normally scanned whole slide images are given in either a pen drive or external hard disk to the consumer, facility of hosting the slides on the web server is also available. This facility is generally required for sending the images too far off locations for the second opinion on the slides.

The still bigger application is online teaching of the global student community and conducting webinars and online lectures. Online digital images is the perfect tool for self-study of pathology by the medical & dental students & residents.